Your face = YOUR image.

Pamper yourself with a deep medical face cleaning every once in a while to treat those black heads and pores and get a fresh youthful, healthy look


Deep Facial Cleansing

There is no doubt that we ALL need such treatment. As after very long tyring days at work, whether indoor or outdoors, we just go home wash our face wanting to feel fresh. Especially, in humid and dusty warm weather like the summer. Hot weather and sweat causes blocking and clogging of our skin pores leading to white and black heads. You will be AMAZED with what you see coming out of your face after such session.

Whether it is Hydrafacial or Aquapure session your face will definitely feel fresh and  clear as a baby. As the session is seven steps for hydrating, cleaning, peeling, closing the pores and activating collagen and elastin. in 30 minutes, you will get back your fresh look and clean face that you have always wanted.

  • Hydrafacial

  • Aquapure

Hydracial and Aquapure are the basics for a clean, healthy and fresh look at any age.

As studies showed that thousands of bacteria and organisms are constantly on our skin everyday, that need deep medical care.