Why Mediostar ?

Safe for All skin types

Best Results for our Mediterranean skin type, Very comfortable, fast and safe. With its combined 810 + 930 nm laser wavelengths.

Very fast 

Equipped with 2 hand pieces with a different spot size varies from 5 mm to 12 mm.

So, Full body laser hair removal session can take 45 minutes

Cost Effective

Know the price, before you pay.

Being by area, you can know exactly how much you will pay before you start your session. Not only cost effective, but the large spot size in the big areas make it much cheaper than other laser hair removal devices.

Latest technology

The one of a kind technology with variable pulse length and highly efficient cooling system guarantees safe treatment of all skin type. With power of up to 5,000 watts and a spot size of 10 cm2.

The Mediostar also enables greater penetration depth to destroy to destroy hair follicles

FDA Approved

"The laser system Mediostar is intended to remove unwanted body hair and vascular lesions"


Cool gel used as a lubricant and pain reduction method, which is not available in many other devices, together with the cool hand piece make your hair removal session a pain free one. 


Dr. Jomana Medhat

Dr. Jomana Medhat explains the benefits and uses of Mediostar laser hair removal and its newest technologies.


Mediostar available in most of our Clinics

After huge success of Mediostar laser hair removal devices, Now We re proud to announce that Mediostar laser hair removal devices are available in almost All of our branches allover Egypt.