Nutrition programs

Our highly certified nutritionists and our Body Reshaping programs are guaranteed with results that meet with your goals. 


InShape Nutrition

Misconceptions about diets are all around us, and are prevalent all over the world, either the characteristics of the calorie intake, the portions of meals, or the obsession of gluten free trends. 

We value that every person is different, and that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work for long-term weight loss and achieving optimal levels of health. Through our “done-for-you” customized weight loss and nutrition programs we guide you through to success. 

At  InShape clinics , together we will work closely to create the foundation for sustainable long term weight loss so you can always feel healthy and happy.

Powered with the latest and most advanced technology in science, medical and fitness devices; we offer  highly certified nutritionists  to guide you to the right direction. We work with our clients and customize nutrition programs and fitness plans to fit your lifestyles. 

Our programs and services

Reshape 6

A Six-Week-Body Reshaping Program

Mom to be

Pregnancy Guide

Lean 28

Lose weight in 28 days

Sportive Now

For the best atheletes performance

Fat burn

The secrets of fat burning.

Fit kid

Yummy, healthy lifestyle for kids. Snacks, and better sleep

Muscle definition

12 secrets for muscle building and defintiton

Summer body reshape in 21 days

Cheat meals include 

Post bariatric programs

Post weight loss operations,  know your body needs and how to fulfil 

Detox in 10 days

Body reset.  Get rid of all the toxins in your body

Post liposuction programs

One on one session to maintain your great liposuction results

Obesity and malnutrition

For a healthier enjoyable lifestyle

Chronic illness programs  

Specialy tailored by case , for diabetes, HCV, and other chronic illness

Emotional eating

A vicious cycle of emotional eating waves