Lasers are very beneficial in the medical cosmetology field. Different types and new technologies of laser are being introduced to the market continuosly. We Promise you not only to get the best machines, but the best technology in the market so far. 

Laser usages

Laser hair removal

At Inshape clinics we use state of the art Device which are internationaly recognized brands known for their efficiency, and safety in today's market.


Fractional Laser is highly recommended for acne scars and surgical scars removal. The technology basically uses a strong heated light that removes a very thin layer of skin, which allows the body to create a new layer of skin with no scars


As the treated area heals, new skin grows to replace the dead skin that was removed during the laser treatment. The reaction itself helps tightens the skin, closes pores, and removes dead cells from your skin. 

woman with floral tattoo on her right arm

Tattoo removal

Using the Q switched laser, it is very safe now to remove your unwanted tattoos in a few sessions, with our team of very well trained doctors.


Fractional Laser generally provides patients with a brighter, tightened, and glowing skin right after the first session.