Looking for fresher look

Get a healthier and fresher look with the suitable peeling for you and for the  treated area 


Crystal Peeling

It is a skin surface peeling procedure that makes use of a stream of micro crystal particles to exfoliate the external layers of the skin, eliminating dirt particles and dead skin cells, along with other tiny specks of harmful particles obstructing the pores. Eventually boosting skin appearance while at the same time motivating reproduction of new cells to get a fresher, softer skin. 

Cold Peeling

Medical peeling creams can be used to enhance whiteness, remove blemishes and eliminate pigmentation and post acne scars.  

Peeling Masks are a professional treatment planned for treating ageing skins or those which display pigmentation issues such as photo ageing

Chemical Peeling

Chemical peeling helps in treating pigmentation, discoloration, fine lines and aging groovesThe time for recovery can range from a few days to one week depending on the strength of the peel. A strong medium-depth TCA peel can give you great results when it is done properly on the right client

Laser peeling

At InShape Clinics we utilize fractional laser & CO2 laser to cure acne residue and dark spots. It provides you with the best, safest, and quickest skin solutions. Today you can get acne-scars free skin, unified color and clear smooth skin in just six to eight sessions .