Our treatments is a concept of a whole package to treat the core reason depending on your individual case, age and main cause for your case, whether it is related to hair, skin wrinkles, skin rejuvenation or tightening.

Get your tailored package now, at InShape Clinics, and enjoy a full coarse for the treatment at a very special price.

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Hair Vital

Hair vital is a package treatment for all the hair problems. With a combination of Platelet Rich in Proteins (PRP), mesotherapy & stem cells, we will make sure you get the maximum benefit and result

Price: 4,000 EGP

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Be Fresh

Your day is hectic and busy all the time??

Whether its your face or hair, Be Fresh package is the key!!

A combination of Vivacci, peeling, PRP, Stem cells, mesotherapy, biotin and derma pen to make sure to get the whole beautiful rejuvenated look you have always dreamt of

Price: 6,000 EGP

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Skin Glow

Get the glowy look, from deep facial cleansing, superficial peeling, removal of white and black heads. Then, rejuvenate your skin with a PRP and mesotherapy session with derma pen. Not only once, but twice :)

Price: 3,600 EGP

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Skin Magic

Age is just a number.

That is how the skin magic package will make you feel. With the skin magic you will feel the youngest in the room again.

Whether you lost some weight, or aging process started to show. The skin magic package will just do its own magic with a combination of HIFU for your face and neck, botox, fillers and skin hydration

Price: 13,500 EGP

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Enjoy your new chapter of life within the college with not only new experience but a pure fresh look as well.

With the college package from InShape Clinic, you will make sure of that you will be in your best shape. With a variety of rejuvenation and lip contouring filler and face peeling

Price: 4,000 EGP

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College + 

If you are not satisfied with the College package, we decided to add some more stuff to let you just enjoy your life and not to think about your look.

In this package you will enjoy  3 total body laser hair removal, peelings, skin rejuvenation with mesotherapy and stem cells and much more

Price: 8,500 EGP

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Its your day!! You are already beautiful and we will help you to show this beauty more and more.

The wedding package is not just what you need before your day, its what you will love for a later period of time. Enjoy whitening and peeling for some areas of your body together with a fresher look of your face with some mesotherapy and vitamins, as well as your plumpy lips will just amaze you

Price: 4,500 EGP

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Wedding + 

And again, If you want to add something more before your wedding, It will be the wedding + treatment package.

We will not only make sure you body is silky and smooth with the 3 sessions of 3 different body areas, we will also make sure that your night will not be forgettable with our whitening  couple of sessions of peelings and skin care just for your day

Price: 7,000 EGP

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Moms Pack 

Congratulations for being a Mom!! You have gone through a lot and it is your time to give yourself a treat.

Help you skin, hair and body to get back to what it used to be and even better than before. With this package you will enjoy 6 weeks online nutrition program, together with a full face and hair corrective measures, just for you, to make sure you are back on track

Price: 5,300 EGP

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* Terms and Conditions:

  1. Ask your InShape doctor for the appropriate package for your case.

  2. Products in the package cannot be exchanged for any other service.

  3. Each package has a different expiry date.

  4. Pricing is subjected to change  in case of governmental taxes and inflation

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